Spin Fitness Class

About our Spin Fitness Classes

Working up a sweat in a spin class is an incredible low impact way to burn calories and tone muscle.

In our spin classes, steady-paced intervals are broken up by high intensity incline stints, which really get your heart rate racing. If you're new to spin and are concerned you won't keep up with the pace, worry not. Each class is as hard as you make it – if you can't match the speed or intensity of the class, you can stick to a level that you feel comfortable with. There's no pressure!

That said, the strong sense of team spirit and our enthusiastic teachers make for a positive and motivating atmosphere, which will have you pushing yourself to your limits from start to finish.

Fitness classes are bookable for just £5 a session. Concessionary rates available offering a 40% discount.

Plus, if you attend more than once a week, we can offer even better value for money with our fitness membership!

Class Benefits

  Weight loss

  Fun and social

  Tones the body

  Adds variety to your workout

Available at the Following Venues

For more venue information and opening times select a venue below.

Beulah Road
S6 2AN

Shiregreen Lane
S5 6AE

Sheaf Street

S1 2BP

East Bank Road
S2 2AL

Coleridge Road
S9 5DA