Exercise Referral Scheme

If you have a long term health condition our Exercise Referral Scheme is a great way to help improve your physical activity levels and improve your health.  

Our supportive and experienced team will help you by developing a 12 week exercise programme that is personal to you, to suit your lifestyle and needs, along with advice on how to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Activities might include swimming, a group fitness class or a workout in the gym.

How We Help

All our team are qualified in Exercise Referral and Cardiac Rehabilitation, and depending on the reason for your referral, we’ll match you up with the best qualified member of the team to suit you. You will be continually supported by us during the programme and we will review your progress and adapt your plan so that you get the most out of your time with us.

As a member of our Exercise Referral Scheme you can enjoy:

✓ FREE Initial Assessment

✓  1 to 1 support from our dedicated team of highly qualified instructors

✓  Personalised activity programme suitable for your health condition and activity preference

✓  Access to gym, swimming and fitness classes across all venues*

✓  Access to dedicated exercise referral classes such as Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab

✓  On-going support and guidance

✓  Exclusive discounts on membership after your initial 12 week scheme ends

Who Can Be Referred?

Our programme is designed for anyone over 16 years old who is physically inactive and/or living with:

✓ Hypercholesterolemia


✓ Diabetes Type I and Type II

✓ Previous Heart Attack (MI) or Cardiac Condition

✓ Living with or recovering from Cancer

✓ Chronic Musculorskeletal Conditions

✓ Overweight / Obesity BMI > 25

✓ Anxiety and Depression

✓ Osteoporosis

✓ Chronic Neurological Disease

✓ High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

✓ Long Covid

✓ Stroke

✓ Asthma


“I feel alive again! I used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety but it has all gone.” - Richard - Anxiety

“By coming to the gym my confidence has grown more and more and I’ve made a lot of new friends … we all support each other.” - Pam - Stroke

“After suffering from COPD and a heart attack, I now found it a lot easier to breathe and I feel so much better than I did before. I feel tremendous.” - Susan - COPD and MI

"I no longer need inhalers or experience shortness of breath. I no longer sleep during the day and feel so much stronger. My mental health has vastly improved." - Michaela - Long Covid

"I can't reommend this programme highly enough. It is more helpful then you can imagine and totally different to the usual weight loss programmes. There is fantastic guideance but the a 'do this, do that' approach." - Andrew - Obsteoarthritis & Weight Management

How Can I Be Referred?

By your GP or Healthcare Professional

Speak to your GP or Healthcare Professional about how our Exercise Referral Scheme can help you. Your GP or Healthcare Professional can submit a referral on your behalf through Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme (SPARS).Once we have received your referral application, we will telephone you to arrange an appointment with one of our Exercise Referral Instructors. 

Self Referral

You can also choose self refer your self if you are living with any of the conditions listed above. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you to arrange your initial assessment.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial assessment is FREE of charge. Our 12 week programme is just £60 and includes 1 to 1 support and unlimited access to our fitness faciltiies.

Payment options are available for organisations to pay on behalf of individuals.

Self Referral

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