Multi Sports Holiday Camps

Available for ages 5 - 13 years at EIS Sheffield, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre and Concord Sports Centre.

Changes to our Swim Admissions Policy

From the 1st February 2024 we are making some changes to our swimming admission policy.

To enter our swimming pools unaccompanied children will need to be 10 years. This means that only children aged 10 and over who are strong, competent swimmers will be able to access the swimming pools as part of our sports camps. 

A Day at our Multi Sports Camps in Sheffield

Our holiday camp programme is providing children aged 5-13 years, a fun, safe, stable environment where they can come make friends and learn sporting skills.

Our camps are designed to be fun, engaging and offer a full range of sports and activities to keep your child active and develop the fundamental basics of movement and sport skill.

Activities include full range of sports from Athletics, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Swimming, Ice Skating, Volleyball, Rounders and fun games like dodgeball and Frisbee. Swimming is available at Concord Sports Centre and Ponds Forge for children aged 10+ who can swim unaided. Ice Skating is available as part of the camp at EIS Sheffield. Please be aware these are run during a public sessions. 

What your Child Needs to Bring with Them

Water bottle - We provide water throughout the day, children simply need to bring a water bottle with them.

Packed lunch & Snacks - Please pack any food you wish your child to have throughout the day. In order to provide a safe environment for any children with nut allergies we operate a no nuts in food policy, along with actual nuts this includes in cereal bars, chocolate bars and Nutella sandwich etc.

Swimming Kit  - Children aged 10+ who can swim unaided and attend the camp at Concord Sports Centre and Ponds Forge will have the opportunity to swim as part of their day on camp. Don't forget to pack a towel too! Please note, swimming sessions are during a public session. Children may be asked to wear a swimming cap during their swim to allow our camp teams to easily identify them in the water. 

Hat and/or sunscream - during the summer camps where space is available some activities may be delivered outdoors so please apply sun cream prior to camp.

Change of clothes - If your child is booked on the camp at EIS Sheffield, they will visit iceSheffield during their day on camp to go ice skating. Please pack appropriate clothing for this activity. Please note, ice skating activity will be part of a public skating session.

Pack of Tissues - should your child need to use them - Catch it, kill it, bin it

The use of mobile phones is not permitted during our holiday camps. Should your child need to bring a phone or any other valuables, please ensure these are kept in their bags. Money is not needed, as we do not allow trips to the vending machine. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damages.

Booking Availability & Pricing

Our Holiday Camps are suitable for 5 - 13 year olds and are available at Concord Sports Centre, EIS Sheffield and Ponds Forge.

We are on the voluntary part of the child care register that means we can accept childcare vouchers.

EIS Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA; URN 2513923

Concord Sports Centre, Shiregreen Lane, Sheffield, S5 6AE URN: 2657822

Ponds Forge, Sheaf Street, S1 2BP URN: 2649616

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Camp Dates & Times

Our holiday camps run during Sheffield school holiday dates. Please note, our holiday camps do not run on bank holidays. Date availablity may vary across venues.

Children can be dropped off between 8am and 9am and collection is between 4.30pm and 6pm.

For more information call us on 0330 333 0555.

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4 Days*

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Childcare Voucher

Childcare vouchers
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Childcare vouchers
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Childcare vouchers
. Please send payment for the relevant ticket price

* Not available on all School Holidays 

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Here you will find answers to many of your frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your question please email

Life On Camp
Q. What do I need to do before arriving?
A. Please ensure you have provided us with all the relevant information about your child prior to camp. If you are paying via childcare vouchers please ensure that payment has been transferred before arriving at camp.

Q. Can my child be with their friend/sibling?
A. We are unable to guarantee that friends/siblings will be together as we must comply with staff-child ratios. We will accommodate any requests where possible but there will be plenty of opportunities during camp to all be together as well as the chance to make new friends. 

Q. Do you provide food and drink?
A. Children should bring a pack lunch and any snacks they will need for the day. Water will be available so please bring a named water bottle. We have a no nuts policy on camp.

Q. Can my child bring their mobile phone?
A. We operate a no mobile phone policy during camps. If your child needs to bring their phone or any other valuables these must be kept in their bags. We accept no responsibility for any personal items.

Q. What happens at drop off?
A. Children can be dropped off any time between 8am and 9am. On arrival please visit the registration desk where our team will be on hand to register your child's arrival into camp. You will be given a unique password to quote at the end of the day to collect your child. 

Q. What time is collection?
A. Children can be collected any time between 4.30pm and 6pm. Children must be collected by a responsible adult (18+) and this person must have the child's unique code. If you need to collect your child before 4.30pm please speak to reception on arrival and our front of house team will be able to assist.

Q. Do I need to collect my child or can they leave unaccompanied?
A. We do not allow any child to leave the camp alone. However, if your child is in secondary school and your wish is for them to leave unaccompanied then requests will be considered at our discreation. Requests must be made at least 7 days before the camp to allow us time to discuss this over the phone. In the event of a parent wishing for their child to make their own way home they should provide a letter stating their wish to do so which includes the parent’s name, child’s name, and the home address.

Q. What happens if we are running late?
A. Children should be collected before 6pm. If you are running late please call us at the earliest opportunity to make our team aware. If after 30 minutes no one comes to collect the child and we have been unable to contact anyone we will contact the Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board for advice.

Q. Will my child go swimming?
A. Children aged 10+ who can swim unaided (without floatation aids) can go swimming as part of the camps at Concord Sports Centre and Ponds Forge. These swimming sessions are part of public swimming sessions. Children may be asked to wear a swimming cap to make them easily identifiable to our staff. 

Q. My child has left something at camp, do you have a lost property?
A. At the end of each day lost property will be taken to reception. We cannot guarantee the return of all lost property and ask that you don’t send your child to camp with expensive/valuable items. We keep lost property for two weeks and then pass items on to charity shops. Please be aware that for health and safety reasons we do not keep water bottles. 

Q. My child needs to take medicine throughout the day, is this possible?
A. We will not administer any medication to children on camps. Parents can come at set times within the day to administer medication if they wish to do so. We will however supervise children administering their own prescribed medication if it is clearly labelled and premeasured. To do this we will need written consent from the parent by way of completing a Medication Form.

We will document the administering of medication, as well as the dropping off and collection of the medication itself.

Q. My child has allergies and carry an epi-pen, are your staff trained to administer this?
A. If your child has an epi-pen for the treatment of anaphylaxis then you must inform us at the point of booking and we will obtain written permission from you to administer treatment in the event of an emergency. Only those staff who have received training will administer the injection. We ask that your child brings their epi-pen to camp in a box labelled with their name and what triggers the anaphylaxis. We will contact parents in the event of an emergency. Parents of children who may require an Epi-Pen must be within 5 minutes of the venue should a serious incident occur.

Q. What if my child is sick or unable to attend?
A. If your child is unwell then we trust the parent's judgement if they are well enough to attend the camp. We ask that parents contact us on 0330 333 0555 if their child has been diagnosed with an infectious illness. In the case of infectious illness, the child will not be permitted to attend camp for a period of time. Further details on this timescale will be discussed at the time of informing the Sheffield City Trust following NHS and World Health Organisation Guidance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund days missed during camp due to illness.

If a child is sick whilst at camp the child’s parent will be contacted to collect the child.

Q. Will you need to contact me whilst my child is in camp?
A. Hopefully we won't need to contact you whilst your child is in camp. However, there may be an occassion where we need to speak to you regarding your child, details of which are documented below.

Parents will be contacted in the event of serious injuries such as:

  • An injury which Kids Club Staff and the Venue Support Staff deem to require further assessment from a medical professional
  • Any bang to the head that may result in a concussion
  • Any situation resulting in a hospital visit
  • A child becoming unable to participate due to illness

 Parents will also be contacted in situations such as:

  • A child’s behaviour becomes seriously problematic
  • A child becomes seriously upset for any reason or becomes very unsettled
  • A child needs a change of clothing
  • A child has no lunch

Health & Wellbeing

Q. What happens if my child has an accident?
A. We know that bumps and scrapes can happen and there will always be at least one First Aid qualified team member in our venues to look after your child. For minor accidents, an accident form will be completed and discussed with you when you collect your child. If the accident is subject to RIDDOR this will be done as part of the reporting procedure. Parents will be asked to sign the accident form when they collect their child to indicate that they are aware of the accident. We will contact you by phone in the case of a more serious accident or incident such as:

  • An injury which Kids Club Staff and the Venue Support Staff deem to require further assessment from a medical professional
  • Any bang to the head that may result in a concussion
  • Any situation resulting in a hospital visit
  • A child becoming unable to participate due to illness

Q. What happens if my child needs emergency medical advice?
A. We will obtain written permission from every parent regarding emergency medical treatment. If this becomes necessary parents will be informed immediately, however emergency medical treatment will not be delayed for this reason.

Q. My child has a medical condition, can they attend?
A. We trust that you will provide us with as much information as possible about any medical conditions your child has before camp starts. Medical information will remain confidential and only be referred to our staff. If you have any questions or concerns about the suitability of camp you can contact us at and a member of our team will be in touch.

Q. My child has special needs, are your camps inclusive?
A. We work with SNIPS in Sheffield who support children with disabilities to access clubs and activities of their choice. This allows us to offer further support to any children that are part of SNIPS. For further information and details on how you can get a referral for your child please contact SNIPS on note this is a referral scheme only and will come via the SNIPS service at Sheffield City Council.

Q. Do you allow PA/Support Workers to attend with children?
A. We also allow PA/Support workers to attend camps, pending a valid DBS check and signing an agreement with Sheffield City Trust. The agreement covers basic rules and guidance for the PA/Support worker to follow when accompanying a child in the venue. For further information on this please email

Q. Are you registered with Ofsted?
A. All Sheffield City Trust camps are registered on Ofsted's voluntary register. We work closely with Ofsted to ensure we work within guidelines, ratios and recommendations.

Q. What insurance do you offer?
A. Sheffield City Trust holds both Employer’s Liability & Public Liability insurance. A copy of our certificates for these can be found displayed in the noticeboards throughout our venues.


If you wish to view any of our policies in full or if you have any queries you can contacting us by emailing

Safe Staff Recruitment Policy
As a safer recruiting employer, we are committed to safeguarding and protecting all children, young people and vulnerable adults by implementing robust safer recruitment practices. 

You can read our full statement here.

Before starting employment all our staff that work with children are subject to a safer recruitment check and must also undergo a DBS check. Once they are employed staff must then complete safeguarding training before working with children.

Equal Opportunities
We provide childcare for children aged 5-13 years. The activities we run are all inclusive to whatever age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief, and sexual orientation as set out by the characteristics listed in the quality act 2010.

Behaviour Policy
We work to a Work to a 4-strike policy when managing behaviour 

Rather than punish, we try and find out why the child is not behaving appropriately.  Older children should always be reminded that they are role models and should be behaving positively to encourage the same behaviour from younger children attending camps.  For group activities we always try and split the groups (older/younger) where applicable. 

  • Strike 1 - Warning.
  • Strike 2 - Missing a short amount of time on activities.
  • Strike 3 - Speak to parent, ask parent to speak to the child and explain this is the last warning before requesting to be collected.
  • Strike 4 - Ask parent to come to collect child.

Behaviour that may result in staff proceeding straight to strike 3 or 4;  

  • Violent/abusive behaviour towards children and/or staff 
  • Running way 

If we reach strike 4, a review depending on severity is to be conducted to see if the child can return or if a plan can be produced to reach this outcome.


We do everything we can to make sure our customers get the best possible service and that the children on our camps have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We actively encourage feedback as this helps us to improve the facilities and services we offer. There are several ways in which you can make a recommendation, suggestion, or complaint:

Your feedback will be passed on to the Programme Supervisor and we aim to respond within 72 hours (please note this may be slightly longer if communication is made over the weekend or at bank holidays).

We encourage parents to raise any questions or concerns about the services we offer directly with us in the first instance, but should any parent need to contact Ofsted directly they should use the following address:

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

*Using the guidance from Ofsted it is a requirement for providers to investigate any complaint relating to welfare and the complainant must be notified of the outcome within 28 days. A written record of complaints must be kept.

  1. An investigation is undertaken in accordance with the principle that the welfare of the child is safeguarded and promoted.
  2. We always record full details of any complaint, including any subsequent information, action taken and whether the complaint is complete.
  3. If necessary, it will be investigated with a verbal and/or written report to be returned to the complainant within seven days or, by agreement, it will be extended by a further 14 days.
  4. If the response is not satisfactory, stage two of the process will be entered, and the complainant will be asked to put the complaint in writing.
  5. Further consideration will be given and a written response, including investigation findings and action taken, will be forthcoming within 28 days.
  6. If another agency, such as the police or an inspection authority investigates, we will consult with them on how to proceed and inform the complainant of progress. A written record of complaints will be kept and is available upon request.