A Job With A Difference

“Working for a charitable trust and making a difference in the community gives me a huge sense of fulfilment.”

Our People

Our amazing people are what make us the organisation we are. What we deliver to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we operate in depends on passionate, talented (and super nice) people and we are really proud that so many of then have chosen to grow and develop with Sheffield City Trust.

Meet some of them and discover a bit about their journey with us:

Shaun Lough

Shaun Lough, General Manager

“The variety of roles on offer at Sheffield City Trust enabled me to gain experience and knowledge of other aspects of the leisure industry. I have always been lucky that my Managers allow the flexibility to work around other commitments and I have had great opportunities to progress my career within the company.”

Claim to fame: Shaun was a Bronze Medallist at the World Waterbombing Championships!

Lucy Domdouzi

Lucy Domdouzi, Exercise Referral Instructor

“I love working for Sheffield City Trust because I love helping people which I can do every day working in the GP Referral Team.”

Claim to fame:  Lucy is a keen writer and has produced poetry, songs, music and stories and even wrote a pantomime at the age of 16 !

Luke Barker

Luke Barker, Employee Engagement Manager

“I began my journey as a Leisure Assistant and have developed through various roles in operations and more recently as People Business Partner. Working for an organisation with such a clear mission, meaningful objectives and managers that genuinely care about their people gives a sense of purpose to every single role and it’s through hard work and seizing opportunities that has allowed me to progress within Sheffield City Trust.”

Claim to fame: Luke once cycled round all 17 Sheffield City Trust venues, from Whitby to Derby in 24 hours !

David Bly

David Bly, Sports Programme and Engagement Manager

“What we stand for as a Trust, positively impacting all parts of the city and trying to support those that need it the most, resonates very deeply with my beliefs. The support and flexibility received when needed and the trust placed in me to put family first, while also ensuring my responsibilities are met, is something that cannot be measured.”

Claim to fame: David has never had a sick day off work in 17 years!

Steve Culf

Steve Culf, General Manager

“Working for Sheffield City Trust has given me fantastic opportunities to develop and progress my career within the company. Being part of a team that provide great facilities and activities that genuinely make a difference to people’s lives is extremely rewarding.”

Claim to fame: Steve once scored a century and took five wickets in the same cricket match!

Katie Chaffin

Katie Chaffin, HR Assistant

“It's nice to know that the work I do supports our employees who are making a real difference to people’s lives. Whether it's helping them to recover after a serious medical event, or providing exercise/coaching opportunities to those in the community who might have trouble accessing it otherwise, I'm proud of the work we do !

Claim to fame: Katie is a maths whizz and can recite Pi to 30 decimal places!

Simon Coates

Simon Coates, General Manager

“This is no ordinary job! You’re working for the people of the communities that you live in, ensuring they have the best sport, leisure and entertainment facilities possible, how can that not feel good?”

Favourite Quote: “Hard work beats talent any day, but if you're talented and work hard, it's hard to be beat!”

Sarah Livesey

Sarah Livesey, Aquatics Manager

“It’s great working in a role relating to something that I love. We’re helping the people of Sheffield keep fit, healthy and find activities that they love and will continue for life and at the same time we’re getting thousands of children swimming each year, which one day might save their life or get them to the Olympics!”

Claim to fame: Sarah’s biggest passion outside work is her motorbike and following MotoGP, despite “not looking like a typical biker”.

Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton, General Manager

“Sheffield City Trust provides great opportunities for anyone that works hard and wants to progress. I began my career in 1986 as a recreation assistant and now I manage Ponds Forge ISC.”

Claim to fame: Ian went to school in Sheffield with Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, The former Head of the Metropolitan Police.

Check out this inspiring video from one of our Community partner organisations Endeavour showcasing employee journeys and career opportunities at the English Institute of Sport Sheffield.

Credit: Endeavour