HIIT Fitness Class

About our HIIT Fitness Classes

Push yourself to the limit and beyond in our high intensity, fast paced HIIT classes.

In our HIIT fitness classes you'll use a combination of body weight and equipment to put you through your paces. You'll exercise at high and low efforts, effectively ‘resting’ in the low intensity periods.

By training in this way spikes your heart rate and ‘shocks’ the body into the fat burning zone each time you move into a high intensity phase.  You’ll leave the class with better stamina, boosted metabolism and improved heart and lung function. Plus, you’ll burn calories during the class and for hours after you’ve finished your workout.

Fitness classes are bookable for just £5 a session. Concessionary rates available offering a 40% discount.

Plus, if you attend more than once a week, we can offer even better value for money with our fitness membership!

Class Benefits

  Burns calories during and after your workout

  Improves stamina and stamina

  Full body workout

  Adds variety to your workout

Available at the Following Venues

For more venue information and opening times select a venue below.

Coleridge Road
S9 5DA


Beulah Road
S6 2AN

Sheaf Street

S1 2BP

East Bank Road
S2 2AL