Heeley Pool FAQs

Q, When will the swimming pool at Heeley Swimming Pool & Gym close?

A. The swimming pool will be closed from Monday 23rd October 2023.

Q. When will the swimming pool at Heeley Pool & Gym reopen? 

A. The pool will reopen on Monday 4th December. 

Q. Is it just the swimming pool that will be closed?

A. The planned maintenance work only requires the pool hall to be closed.  Customers can still enjoy access to the gym.

Q. What maintenance work is being completed?

A. The work includes essential maintenance to the air handling and extraction system, as well as the pool lining. 

Q.What will happen to my/my child's swimming lessons?

A. If you would like your/your child's lessons to continue during the temporary closure, we have created additional swimming lessons at Springs Leisure Centre and Ponds Forge. We also have limited availability in some of our existing lessons at Springs Leisure Centre and Ponds Forge as well as our other aquatic venues. 

Q. What are my options if I don't want to relocate my/my child's lessons to another venue?

A. Coached members will be given the option to freeze their lesson membership with us until the lessons restart at Heeley. Further communication will be sent soon regarding the choices available to you and will include all the details of how to freeze your membership. 

Q. Will I/my child have the same teacher?

A. The swimming teachers at Heeley will be moving to our other venues to cover the temorary relocated lessons. A full timetable of lessons including the name of the teacher taking class can be found here. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will have the same teacher you currently have for your temporary lessons. 

Q. Will my/my child's swimming lessons be delivered in the same way at the new venue?

A. All our swimming teachers deliver to the same teaching plan. Due to the dimensions of our swimming pools, you may find the depth and distance of your child's swimming pod different to what they currently experience at Heeley. At Ponds Forge, all children on swimming lesson customers are also required to wear a swim cap which will be provided to your child at your first lesson. 

Q. My child has almost passed their current level, will I be able to relocate to the next stage?

A. If your child is close to passing thier current stage before the relocation of lessons, you can discuss with our Programme Supervisor what stage they recommend you booking for their relocation. You can contact Heeley's programme supervisor by emailing

Q. What will happen to my child's lesson progress?

A. Our swimming teachers will continue to assess your child as normal throughout this process both leading up to the pool closure and during your relocated lessons. Your child's electronic progress record will remain live and transfer with them to their temporary lesson. We aim to make the relocation of lessons as seamless as possible to ensure that skill development and progress isn't impacted. 

Q. What if the temporary lesson timetable doesn't suit my/my child's availability?

A. Should none of the temporary lessons be suitable but you still wish to relocate your/your child's lessons please complete a lesson relocation form selecting the 'no suitable option' choice and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your options. 

Q. When the pool reopens at Heeley, will I be able to transfer back to my/my child's current lesson?

A. During the pool closure we will be reviewing the swimming lesson timetable and we expect some swimmers to progress to the next stage during the closure. Whilst we are aiming to relocate swimming lesson customers back to the same/similar lessons to what they are currently enjoying we cannot guarantee that you won't experience a change in day/time/teacher upon Heeley reopening. 

Q. Will the relocation of my lessons result in a change to my swimming lesson payment?

A. Our swimming lesson prices are standard across all our pools so your payments will remain the same if you relocate to another venue.