Ponds Forge Pool Closure FAQs

Q. When will the Competition Pool at Ponds Forge close?

A. The Competition Pool will close on 7th August 2023.

Q. How long will the Competition Pool at Ponds Forge be closed for?

The Competition Pool will be closed until late September.

Is it just the Competition Pool that will be closed?

The planned maintenance work only effects the Competition Pool hall and should not impact the rest of the venue and so customers can still enjoy access to the leisure pool, gym, fitness classes and sports hall.

Where can I swim whilst the Competition Pool at Ponds Forge is closed?

Swimming is available in the leisure pool at Ponds Forge as well as Concord Sports Centre, Heeley Swimming Pool, Hillsborough Leisure Centre, Springs Leisure Centre and Westfield Sports Centre. All our venues offer a variety of sessions including lane swimming, just swim, ladies only and splash sessions.

Surf City leisure pool at Ponds Forge offers feature packed swimming with waves, lazy river and dedicated baby pool. Surf City is open weekends and during the school holidays.

You can view our timetables at

Q. I am part of a club that trains in the Competition Pool at Ponds Forge, what will happen to our training sessions?

Our programming team have worked directly with each club relocate sessions where possible to reduce the impact of our maintenance closure. Please contact your club directly to discuss what our maintenance closure of the pool hall will mean for your training sessions.


Q. What will happen to my/my child’s swimming lessons?

A. Home Education and Wednesday morning adult swimming lessons will relocate to Springs Leisure Centre over the Summer. All other lessons will be delivered in the leisure pool.


Q. Will my membership fee be reduced following the closure of the Competition Pool at Ponds Forge?

A. Our fitness memberships include swimming at all venues as standard. Whilst the Competition Pool won’t be available at Ponds Forge during the maintenance work, you will be able to swim in the leisure pool as well as at our other venues as part of your membership and therefore, your membership fee will not be reduced.

Q. I only use lane swimming at Ponds Forge and I’m not interested in using another venue, what are my options?

A. Members who regularly lane swim at Ponds Forge will have the option to freeze their membership free of charge due to the pool closure. This freeze will cover the duration of the maintenance work from 1st August and all memberships will automatically reactivate as the pool reopens.

To apply to freeze a membership, members must visit