Westfield Sports Centre

Statement from Kier regarding Westfield Sports Centre

Westfield Sports Centre will be closed during the Christmas and New Year period reopening on the 3rd January 2024

As you are aware the leisure services operated by Sheffield city Trust across Meadowhead and Westfield Schools are to transfer into Kier from the 3rd January 2024.

As part of this process, we have been working in the background to transfer the staffing resource into Kier and to ensure that an infrastructure exists to enable bookings/payments etc to be taken to continue the delivery of the service.

We can confirm that there will be no immediate change to pricing schedules for existing customers and that any bookings that are already in place will remain the same for 2024. This is to ensure that continuity of service remains in place for the users of the facilities.

Kier will be contacting each of the customers individually, via email, confirming these arrangements and providing an update on any future changes.  We will be implementing an automated booking/payment system, similar to that operated by Sheffield City Trust, and further updates will be communicated once these arrangements have been finalised.

In the meantime, if you do have any concerns or queries, please direct them to the following email address and we will endeavour to respond.