Patch Ice

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Patch ice can be booked to practice your skating skills with the assistance of a coach (coach not included in the price of the session. Coach to be booked separately).

Level Requirements

  • Regular patch – Completed Skate UK Gold Dance and Free, working on Skate UK Platinum
  • Low Level Patch – Skate UK Bronze up to BIS level 1
  • Elite patch Free skating: minimum standard-Full Advanced Novice Test (National 6), Solo dance: full Junior level (current level 9) and  Couples Dance- junior level dance couples and above.

Patch Membership

Unlimited patch membership is just £120 per month (a pro rata payment may be applicable upon joining). Once you have purchased your patch membership you can book your patch sessions online!

Single Patch Ice Session

Single Patch sessions can be booked online for £10 for 1 hour 20 minutes or £7.50 for 1 hour. Sessions must be booked with a coach.

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Patch Etiquette

  • Patch ice is a training session; playing, talking, standing in the middle of the ice or at ends is not acceptable.
  • Skaters must be by the barrier when they are not training.
  • Courteous behaviour and apologies to coaches and fellow skaters where necessary, are expected on patch ice.
  • Skaters should not be rude or display any general lack of respect to other skaters, coaches or the ice at any time.
  • Skaters and coaches should make themselves aware which skater is performing to the music.
  • Music should be kept to a reasonable level, with other coaches still being able to speak to their skaters rather than shouting.
  • Headphones and earpieces are prohibited on patch ice.
  • Skaters should not remain in the corners of the ice during a patch session as this blocks this area for other skaters.
  • Coaches should be positioned at the side of the rink whenever possible to minimise further congestion.
  • It is the skater’s responsibility to fill their own divots before the end of the session. Coaches and skaters should have the freedom to remind others of this etiquette without resentment.

On ice priority is as follows.

1. A skater performing a programme or ice dance during a lesson with music always has a priority.

2. A skater in a lesson then receives priority.

3. A skater outside a lesson performing to music then will receive priority. British Ice Skating Code of Ethics We expect a commitment by all skaters, coaches, parents, and families alike follow British Ice Skating Code of Ethics to promote a positive environment for all.