International day of persons with disabilities

Did you know that around 21% of working-age adults in the UK have a disability? *

December 3rd is International Day of Persons with Disabilities and therefore we wanted to share with you some quotes from some of our friends to raise awareness of the day and encourage inclusion for all people with disabilities in everyday life and sports. These quotes range from elite athletes to members of the public that all use our venues and also some of our staff that work for us here at Sheffield City Trust.

Dwayne, Staff Member, People and Service Admin (on placement from Project Choice Health Education England (HEE), a structured programme developing a pathway to work for young people aged 16-24 with disabilities/learning disabilities, difficulties and/or autism.)

“I like watching football and I think having inclusion within sports is a good thing. I am currently doing my placement within Sheffield City Trust, and I am happy there.”

Hayley, Sheffield Steelers Wheelchair Basketball Academy

“Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Be inspired. #inspirational #inclusive #play with passion #no limits. I’m not disabled, I’m differently abled and Wheelchair Basketball is my passion.”

Carl, Staff Member, Program and Development Team (also on placement from Prject Choice HEE)

“I have Autism and I play football. I think it is important to include people with learning difficulties because it gives them confidence to socialise with other people. I am on placement with EISS and I’m enjoying it. The coaches and the staff are nice and supportive.”

Faizan, age 12 and his dad

“I love the waterfalls“

Jenny, age 21

“I love the wave machine and the two slides!”

Barry Grayson, Sheffield Steelkings Para Ice Hockey Player, pictured above

"As someone with a disability I'm very passionate about International Day of Persons with a Disability.


"Society and attitudes have come a long way since I was a child and it's great to see. 


"Though we still have a long way to go in terms of accessibility and awareness, I am very thankful to be able to use facilities like iceSheffield to play sport and go to the gym.


"I love being involved in para ice hockey with the Sheffield Steelkings, who themselves are working hard to show that hockey is for everyone.


"This message is easier to share when you have facilities that also want to support people with disabilities, like myself.


"The hope is that in time the rink will become fully para ice hockey accessible, but until then we will keep working hard together to spread the word about the Steelkings, the sport and the venue."

Joe Clark, Staff Member, Children’s Coach

"I have been at Sheffield City Trust since 2018 helping to deliver football sessions and kids camps during the school holidays. I enjoy swimming and have previously swam competitively.

“I believe that when it comes to disability, the only thing that can hold someone back is their mindset. Mindset can be the biggest disability to anyone. I have had many setbacks throughout my life, however it is important to get back up, turn this into fuel and go out and do it.

"Since working for Sheffield City Trust I have not once been treated differently and when it comes to kid's camp, I cannot wait to come into work. “

Devlin, age 17

“I love swimming.“

Liam, age 18

“I like meeting my friends.“

Here at Sheffield City Trust we work with organisations like Project Choice Health Education England (HEE) and the Autism Centre for Supported Employment to offer placements for young people with learning disabilities within our venues and create supported work environments to provide real work experience for their interns. Both projects are doing wonderful work and we are proud to be in partnership with them now and for the years to come.

We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity in life, and we are therefore creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace and are very proud to say that we are a Disability Confident Employer.