Energy Saving

As a not-for-profit charitable organisation our primary focus is to make sport and activity accessible for all, providing activities and facilities for everyone in our communities across the City.

As we are all experiencing, the current economic climate and inflationary pressures are having a significant impact on our organisation despite the extensive work we have undertaken to mitigate the effect of spiralling costs.

Throughout this year, we have absorbed as much of these cost increases as we can through various mitigation to offset the unprecedented rising operational and energy costs.  We continue to work closely with Sheffield City Council to explore all opportunities for further initiatives to offset cost increases.

Our energy saving initiatives include:

  • The closure of our head office, relocating teams to office spaces within our venues.
  • Reducing the lighting within the venues, including turning out the lights in areas of the venue when no activity is scheduled.
  • Accelerating our LED bulb replacement programme across the venues
  • Introducing laser tracking on the Zamboni at iceSheffield
  • Removing air conditioning units in non-essential areas of our venues.
  • Closing our spa areas.
  • Asking customers to save energy and water by reducing their shower usage.

By taking these steps, we are able to keep any activity price rises to an absolute minimum.

We appreciate that some of these measures may impact the delivery of some of our services and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your support.