Hillsborough Leisure Centre Fitness Studio Refurbishment

We are excited to announce that we will soon be transforming our fitness class studios at Hillsborough Leisure Centre to create a flexible space with a fresh new look and fantastic atmosphere!

This exciting rennovation will include creating two dedicated fitness class studios upstairs that have the flexibility to open up to create one large studio for our most popular classes. Our studios will be fitted with new lighting and sound systems to really create an energetic, dynamic atmosphere! The Spin Studio is also undergoing a refurbishment including a brand new air handling system, sound system and lighting! You may have already seen some changes happening in this area.

What work is being carried out?

Group Cycling Studio:

  • New ventilation and air handling system installed
  • New DMX lighting system
  • Full redocoration

Fitness Class Studios:

  • Create 2 dedicated fitness studios upstairs next to the gym where the Dance Studio and Cafe Bare are currently located.
  • Sprung floor and new sound systems installed to improve atmosphere
  • Flexible studio space that allows both studios to open up to create a larger capacity studio.

When will the work start?

  • The work on the Group Cycle Studio has already started and this Studio will reopen on Monday 1st August with all Group Cycle classes moving from the Sports Hall from this date.
  • The work to create the new fitness studios will commence Monday 8th August with a temporary fitness class timetable running in the Sports Hall whilst the work is complete. The new Fitness Studios will open in September.
  • Whilst there may be some noise disturbances whilst the studios are being built, we hope that any other disruption to our customers will be kept to a minimum.

Hopefully, we've answered any questions about the fitness class renovation below in our FAQs but if you do have any further questions please speak to a member of our team on your next visit or contact us at

Our Fitness Team are currently designing our new timetable ready to launch in the Autumn and we'd love to hear from you about what classes you'd like to see on our timetable! If you can spare 2 minutes of your time please complete the survey using the link below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Group Cycling Studio

Q. What work is being carried out?
A. This area has remained closed since the pandemic due to air flow restrictions in the area not meeting the newly required standard. We are therefore installing improved ventilation and air handling system to allow us to meet the required airflow restrictions. The studio is being redecorated and has had new DMX lighting system fitted to create a fantastic atmosphere for classes! MyZone will continue to be available for all group cycle classes.

Q. When is this work starting?
A. This work has already commenced and is due to be finished shortly.

Q. When will the Spin Studio reopen?
A. The Spin Studio will reopen on Monday 1st August. Moving forwards, it will be called Group Cycling Studio due to the trademarks around Spin.

Q. Will there be a new group cycling timetable?
A. Initially the timetable for group cycling classes will remain the same. We are currently recruiting for more instructors to teach a variety of group cycling classes and hope to expand our timetable soon to include a range of classes including Spin and Les Mills Sprint. 

Q. How many bikes will the new Group Cycling Studio accommodate?
A. There will be 25 bikes plus a bike for the instructor.

Q. Will there be any virtual classes?
A. No all our group cycle classes will be with live instructors.

Fitness Class Studio

Q. What work is being carried out?
A. We are creating a dedicated fitness class space upstairs. This will involve knocking through to the old Leika Café Bar. We are creating two fitness studios in the space which will have a partition wall allowing us to open the space to create one larger studio for our most popular classes.

Q. Why are you doing this work?
A. Completing this work will allow us to increase the number of classes we currently offer as well as increase class capacity for our most popular classes! Creating a dedicated fitness class space and moving out of the sports hall will offer an enhanced experience and a fantastic atmosphere!

Q. When is this work starting?
A. This work is due to start on Monday 8th August. The fitness studio will be closed to customers from this date with classes relocated to the Sports Hall.

Q. Will the current fitness class timetable be affected?
A. Where possible we are relocating as many of the fitness classes from the studio down to the sports hall whilst the work is completed and hope that any disruption over the summer to the timetable will be kept to a minimum. The fitness class timetable for the Summer will be released week commencing 25th July.

Q. When will the new studios open and what will the timetable be?
A. The new fitness class studios will reopen in September 2022. We currently have a members survey available for feedback on what classes they want to see on the new timetable and over the summer we will be recruiting instructors to deliver a larger timetable from the Autumn. The new timetable will be released in the Autumn as the project nears completion.

Q. Will customers still be able to access the members change and gym?
A. Disruption to our members during this time will be minimal. Whilst they may here some construction noise, access will remain unaffected. Should the need arise to close off the area outside the studio, signage will be in place to direct customers to the gym and changing rooms via alternative routes.

Sports Hall

Q. Will the Sports Hall reopen for bookings?
A. The sports hall will be available for sports and community bookings from September once the fitness studios reopen. Our team are currently looking at the space and will work with partners to utilise the space. If you are intersted in booking the Sports Hall as a regular booking please email

Q. When will bookings open for the Sports Hall?
A. Once a reopening date for the fitness studios has been confirmed, further details regarding the sports hall and pay as you go booking dates will be released. If you are intersted in booking the Sports Hall as a regular booking please email

General Questions

Q. Will there be any access restrictions in the venue whilst the work is ongoing?
A. As the work is contained in one area we are hoping that there won't be any restrictions for our customers in moving around the venue. Should alternative routes need to be implemented then appropriate signage will be in place and all customers communicated to via our usual channels of email and social media. 

Q. Will there be any disruption to the venue and activities running during the work?
A. Whilst there may be noise disturbances in areas located near the fitness studios, other than running a temporary fitness class timetable during the works we don't envisage any other disruption to the venue. 

Q. Will my membership be affected by this work?
A. Memberships will not be affected by this work. As a fitness member you can access all Sheffield City Trust venues and we will also continue to run a varied fitness class timetable across the Sports Hall and Group Cycle Studio during this time.