How To Stay Productive Whilst You Work From Home

With the country now in lockdown many of us are now faced with the prospect of working from home again.

Understandably, you might be feeling anxious that you’ll be less productive than usual. But don’t worry, you can stay just as productive in the ‘home office’ as you are in your usual workplace. Being more productive will not only help the time pass quicker but also help you to #feelgood. 

Tip one: Stick to your morning routine

As tempting as it is to lie in until 9am, you’ll find it much easier to stay in the swing of things if you stick to your usual morning routine. Get something easy ticked off your list early in the day and you’ll feel a lot more motivated to carry on working 

Tip two: Get dressed

Looking smart is not only a good idea in case of any last-minute video calls, but it’s also proven to make you feel more confident. By getting up and dressed for the day you’ll be in the right headspace for a productive day of working at home. 

Tip three: Make phone calls

Without being able to speak to your colleagues face to face, it's easy to get caught up in a game of email tennis. Pick up the phone and reduce the number of emails you need to send. This will also help you feel less cut off from your colleagues and keep you in the loop of what is going on. 

Tip four: treat your home like your office

Have a dedicated room to work in each day and treat this like your officeAs tempting as it may be, try to avoid working from your bed or the sofa. If you can, work at a desk or table – not only will this help you be more productive but it will also be better for your postureTurn off the TV and any other distractions that may make it harder for you to concentrate.  

Now you’re not in the office every day, it might seem like the perfect opportunity to catch up on your chores but doing this can be distracting. Where possible save any household chores until you’ve finished your day’s work.  

Tip five: Set ground rules.

It can be difficult to remain productive when you have family and pets all fighting for your attention. So, it’s important to make them aware of your working hours and any scheduled calls or meetings. Setting some ground rules on when you can and can’t be interrupted isn’t just important for your productivity but helps any potential fall outs with well-meaning loves ones.  

Plus, we’ve all seen this clip...