George Enjoys Being Active At Ice Skating With the help of our Plus+One Programme

As with most 11 year-old boys, George enjoys being active and absolutely loves ice skating. George is autistic which means that he needs some extra support and that’s where the Plus+One programme comes in.

For many who need a little help, the extra costs involved can be the very reason not to be active. At SIV, we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to get active. So, for those individuals with extra support needs, whether through a disability, mental health or other underlying condition, they are welcome to bring a carer, friend or family member, free of charge.

As George’s mum says; "George is a typical 11 year-old with lots of energy and he really enjoys the speed and whoosh of the air when ice skating. He just took to it and left me standing. The support he’s had at iceSheffield; allowing him simply to be out and about with other people, has helped enormously. It’s really built his confidence."

Get Involved

Plus+One activities include swimming and ice skating sessions & lessons as well as gym and fitness classes. To find our more about our Plus+One scheme visit SIV.