Are Personal Fitness Plans Worth It?

You may have decided to take the first step to improve your health and fitness by signing up to your local gym or leisure centre but what next?

Perhaps you’re a complete beginner to exercise and you know it’s going to improve your health, but you just don’t know where to start. That’s when a personal fitness plan comes in.

Everyone is different. Different ages, body types, level of fitness; which means that one size doesn’t fit all. A basic fitness programme after a quick google search can be a good starting point but, if you want to see real results and progress, you need a plan that designed around you and your goals!

When you first start Fitness Unlimited we’ll carefully assess where you’re at in your fitness journey and create a personal fitness plan tailored to you. This will include recommended exercises in the gym, different fitness classes to try or perhaps a swimming programme to build up your stamina. All of this is completely free and created by your very own personal fitness trainer. If you hate crunches or the idea of running on the treadmill fills you with dread, don’t worry! Every fitness plan will be filled with exercises that you enjoy because, after all, the ultimate goal is for you to enjoy being active so it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

“Before I had a plan I was just ‘playing’ at getting fit. It wasn’t until I started seeing a fitness expert at Ponds Forge that I started to see results. Now I take part in regular park runs and have three triathlons under my belt.” – David, member of Ponds Forge.

Adult In The Gym Talking To A Fitness Instructor

Once your programme has been created and you’ve given it a go on your own there’s plenty of opportunities to tweak and improve on the basics. Meeting your fitness advisor regularly will enable you to take advantage of their expertise and optimise your results!

The whole experience doesn’t end with a basic programme though. We all know that starting a new fitness regime can be tough. It’s hard to stick to and it can take time to see results without consistency, that’s where motivational sessions come in. Each month, you can book some time with your personal fitness trainer to go through your progress and get a much needed injection of motivation.

The main thing to remember is that you’re never alone, with regular contact and support from the fitness team and some dedication from you, you can find a plan you love and reach those all important goals.

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