Training For 2020 Paralympics With The Support Of Sheffield City Trust

"Since I, and the other para badminton athletes, were supported by Sheffield City Trust it has kick started our programme to what it is now and leading up to 2020."

Jack Shepherd is  part of the Para Badminton Squad based at EIS Sheffield and was World Champion in 2017 and 2018 in the Men's Singles and Double. 

Jack says, "We were working closely with SIV as well as other partners to be able to find court time, equipment as well as trying to earn a living. The initial four month period that was funded by SIV showcased what we can achieve with consistent court time and how it is all go for the upcoming World Championships….then the Paralympics!”

"When we found out that Badminton was to be in the Paralympics for the first time in 2020, we have to plan how we can develop a programme to help us achieve Gold medals. Working with Head Coach Richard Morris, we were supported through SIV to allow training to begin daily both in the sports hall and in the gym. This allowed us to begin preparation pending the outcome from UK Sport for our funding."

"As a group of athletes it allowed us to train as well as link in with community organisations to help grass roots badminton- delivering in schools and community settings was a great experience for us as we hope to engage the future generation!"