Virtual Live Classes With Myzone

If you’re missing working out with your friends, you can now compete together at home at the same time with Myzone virtual live fitness classes.

Myzone virtual live fitness classes feature a leaderboard so you can see other people working out and compete together in real-time.

All you need to do is download the Myzone App, register your Mzone MZ-3 band using facility code SIVUK001and book into a scheduled live fitness class!

If you’re not currently a Myzone MZ-3 user, don’t worry, you can still take part in these classes! Simply download the App and register using facility code SIVUK001 and belt id 0. To see how hard you’re working we’ve got a fantastic special offer on MK-3 belts from our partners at Myzone. Belts can be purchased online for just £79.99 – that’s a discount of £50 off the recommended retail price! Simply buy online here.