Keeping The Kids Entertained This Easter

Keeping children entertained at Easter time is a challenge families face every year with the usual Easter holiday break off school but 2020 proves a test as kids are now home until further notice and finding fun and creative things to keep them entertained is harder than usual.

We’ve come up with Easter activities for you to try at home which can be adapted to suit all ages. 

Easter Egg / Scavenger Hunt

Easter wouldn’t be complete without some sort of hunt usually for chocolate eggs! Hopefully you managed to get hold of some Easter Eggs before restrictions came into play at the supermarkets but if not any treat will do.

First you need to decide what kind of hunt you are going to have. Will you simply hide the treats for your children to find or will you lead them around your house and garden following clues until they find their prize? Either way this is sure to keep the whole family entertained!

Close Up Of Homemade Easter Crafts

Easter Crafts

To help make your home an easter theme, why not make some decorations? Grab some paper and string and make an Easter Egg garland by cutting out and decorating some eggs or even a bunny. Or try your hand at painting eggs – simply hard boil any eggs you can spare and paint in bright colours or create a scene using the eggs as characters.  

With lots of creative craft ideas available online you are sure to find a number of activities to keep your family entertained over the bank holiday weekend. 

Easter Baking

There are so many Easter treats you can make at home so if your children are old enough to help in the kitchen then baking is a great activity that promotes engagement, learning and most of all is fun! The most popular recipe to make at this time of year are the classic ‘nest cakes’. These easy no bake treats only require simple ingredients which mostly can be found in your cupboards at home already.

Kindness Rocks

Not only are these a great way to keep the children busy but will help spread happiness and support across the city.  

Collect a handful of small rocks/stones either from your garden or whilst on one of your daily walks and then choose bright colours to decorate these rocks with. Whether you choose to write a positive message on your rock or just paint them a colourful design these are guaranteed to brighten up someone’s day.  

Once your rocks are finished then on your next walk don’t forget to take them out with you and leave them on walls, benches and doorsteps ready to spread some joy!