Fun Activities For Swim Stages 8 - 10

We know lots of you will be missing your swimming lessons at the moment. Here's some fun activities suitable for swimming lesson stages 8 -10 that you can still be doing at home.

Stage 8

Question 1

How many 25 metre lengths would you need to swim to complete 400 metres? 

Question 2

What stroke’s do we swim for these turns? (2 answers for each) 

a. Tumble Turns 

8.  Handed Touch 

Question 3

Which stroke are we swimming when we do these turns? 

a. Swim on our back, turn onto front, tumble turn and push off on our back.

b. Swim on our front, touch the wall with 2 hands and push off on our front. (2 strokes) 

c. Swim on our front, tumble turn and push off on our front. 

Can you demostrate the following?

1. Butterfly, Backstroke and Frontcrawl kick in a streamline position? 

2. A track start (stance)*   

3. A grab start (stance)*

*Top tip: Put a pillow on the floor, get your child to stand on the pillow and demonstrate how they would stand if they were on a diving block. 


Stage 9

Question 1

What does I.M stand for? 

Question 2

What order do we swim the I.M in? 

Question 3

How many 25 metre lengths are in a 100 metre I.M race? 

Question 4

How many 25 metre lengths would you need to swim to complete 800 metres? 

Question 5

Name the strokes for each I.M turn

a. Touch the wall with 2 hands and push of on to our front.

b. Touch the wall with 2 hands and push of on to our back. 

c. Touch the wall on our back and push of on to our front. 

Demonstrate each of the turns above on a wall! 

Question 6

What strokes are we going to swim if we are diving off a Start Block?

Question 7

What stroke start is this? 


Question 8

What stroke is the only stroke that we can do one arm pull under water, during a start or from a turn? 


Stage 10

Question 1

How many 25 metre lengths would you need to swim to complete 1500 metres? 

Question 2

Can you identify what turns we do throughout a 200 metre I.M? 

a. Butterfly to Butterfly Turn 

b. Butterfly to Back Turn 

c. Backstroke to Backstroke Turn 

d. Backstroke to Breaststroke Turn 

e. Breaststroke to Breaststroke Turn 

f. Breaststroke to Frontcrawl Turn 

g. Frontcrawl to Frontcrawl Turn 

Question 3

 How many forward arm pulls are you allowed to do in a Backstroke tumble turn? 

Question 4

How do we finish race for:

a. Butterfly

b. Backstroke 

c. Breaststroke 

d. Frontcrawl 

Demonstrate the above finishers against a wall!



Stage 8

1. 16 lengths

2. a. Backstroke & Frontcrawl, b. Butterfly & Breaststroke 

3. a. Backstroke, b. Butterfly or Breaststroke, c. Frontcrawl  

Stage 9 

1. Individual Medley 

2. 1, 4, 2, 3 

3. 4 lengths 

4. 32 lengths 

5. a. Breaststroke to Frontcrawl, b. Butterfly to Backstroke, c. Backstroke to Breaststroke 

6. Butterfly, Breaststroke and Frontcrawl 

7. Backstroke 

8. Breaststroke

Stage 10 

1. 60 lengths 

2. a. 2 handed turn, b. 2 handed turn, c. tumble turn, d. 1 handed turn on the back, e. 2 handed turn, f. 2 handed turn, g. Tumble turn 

3. 1 

4. a. 2 hands on front, b. 1 hand on back, c. 2 hands on front, d. 1 hand on front