3 Unexpected Benefits of Stress

Contrary to widespread belief, there are some ways that stress can positively impact our health.

The negative side effects that we usually think of when it comes to stress are results of chronic or ongoing stress, not moderate stress. Studies show that moderate stress can have multiple health benefits, aside from the negative effects that are usually associated with stress.

1. Improves Brain Performance

One way is that moderate stress can improve the brain’s performance. The slight stress and pressure can improve your memory and attention span, helping you to have better focus, and become more productive.

2. Boosts Immune System

Another benefit of moderate stress is that a low dose of the stress hormone can help protect you from getting ill. The moderate stress chemical helps to boost the immune system. Please do note that this is only a result of ‘good stress’ and not ‘bad stress’.

3. Builds Your Character

Have you ever thought about moderate stress and how it helps you build resilience? Yes. A mental benefit of moderate stress is that it helps us ‘toughen up’ and become more adaptable to circumstances that came unexpectedly. These circumstances often help you become more rounded as a person and more versatile in your response to life’s unexpected hits.

If you feel as though the stress you’re experiencing is pushing you past this beneficiary phase of moderate stress into an area of chronic stress, take a look at the wellbeing classes that we offer here at Sheffield City Trust, and visit top wellbeing tips for some advice on how to calm your mind.