3 Habits That Are Bad for Your Body & How to Change It

Some habits can develop without you even realising it. Plus, you may not know that they can be bad for your body.

If you want to avoid habits that may harm your body, read about these 3 body damaging habits that you can overcome.

1. Skipping Meals

It’s so easy to skip meals when you’re busy, but this can be worse for you than you think. You may develop issues with your blood sugar, you might not get enough vitamins and minerals, and you may not be your best at work or at play without enough nutrition. Long hours without proper meals can easily lead to evening binges and frequent overeating episodes. A good way to prevent this from happening is to set reminders on your phone when it’s time to eat. If you are really busy, it’s may be enough to have some nuts and some fruits to keep you going, although a proper nutritious meal is always more advisable than just snacking. You can try to prepare your meal for the day and go through it slowly instead of taking a huge block out of your workings hours. There are plenty of options to help keep your mind sharp and your mood consistent

2. Staying Up Late

It’s not going to harm you if you stay up late sometimes but doing it regularly and still getting up on time may harm your body. You may end up having more cardiovascular disease and digestive issues such as strong cravings, crashing in the middle of the day and not having a regular sleeping cycle can affect your hormones negatively too.

Switch off your phone and computer 30 minutes before bedtime and maybe have a cup of herbal tea, read just a few pages or listen to a podcast. This may help to improve the quality of your sleep.

3. Over-Exercising

It’s well known that regular exercising is excellent for you, it can help you avoid cardio-vascular diseases, build muscle strength, bone density and boost confidence. However, doing too much of it can easily backfire! The best thing is to exercise regularly and progressively increase the load of your workout routine. It’s very common to sign up in a gym and start a very regimented routine without any professional consultation or proper planning. The consequence is to give up on our health goals after a few weeks because it’s simply too much to take on and it seems impossible to fit into our daily lifestyle.

Your body needs time to adapt to a new way of moving and exercising so be patient and listen to your body and ASK for help! Whenever you feel too exhausted or your knee, lower back or shoulders for example are hurting, they may be a warning sign for you to take a step back and give your body the necessary recovery time.

Don’t try to tackle every one of the bad habits at once. Instead, attack one bad habit at a time.

Work on replacing that bad habit with a healthy habit over 30 to 90 days before moving on to the next.

Additional Support

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