Sheffield City Trust

Bringing Physical Health And Wellbeing To The People Of Sheffield

Sheffield City Trust was the first leisure trust formed in the UK. Since 1987 we've led the way with an unrivalled mix of sport, leisure and entertainment venues to become The Health and Wellbeing Charity.

In the last 30 years, we've been here to inspire people to be active, to enjoy sociable activities with friends and deliver a lasting legacy for our venues. We are proud to be part of the fabric of our greater city.

Our not-for-profit status means all our surplus is reinvested in improving our venues and activities to ensure that we are here for the communities that we serve. Since 1990, we have invested around £50m in improving our facilities and reachind more local communities with our activities. 

From afternoon tea-dances in the art-deco surroundings of Sheffield City Hall to swimming in the Olympic Pool at Ponds Forge, our venues welcome over 4 million people every year. 

Our open to all philosophy ensures that our activities and facilities provide for everyone in our communities across the city. 

Our Objectives

We will be the health and fitness provider of choice for the people of Sheffield. We will support our customers and staff to achieve their full fitness, health and wellness potential.

We will deliver high level, sustainable, outcomes for health and wellbeing through the activities we offer.

We will adopt a customer focused behavioural change approach in our thinking, whether refurbishing a building, making a change to swimming lessons or welcoming people to a show. We are in the business of motivation and inspiration.

We will make sure people know what we are doing, and the impact we’re having. We will use evidence based approaches to the design and measure the success of our activities.

We will work with partners to build on our strengths, our assets and create additionality within the city.

Our Ambitions

Sheffield City Trust are here for everyone in Sheffield. We recognise that some of the most impactful health and wellbeing gains will be achieved by focusing on those who are inactive and suffering the greatest health inequalities.

We have 7 ambitions which will contribute towards achieving this, and will deliver an immediate step change in the health & wellbeing of the people of Sheffield.


Sheffield City Trust Ambitions