Ladies Only Swimming

Swimming is a good all-round activity that is great for the body and mind and whatever your age or ability, we offer a wide variety of swimming options. Our sessions explained.

Ladies Only Swimming

Our dedicated ladies only swim sessions are available are relaxed sessions suit all swimmers. Children are welcome including boys under the age of 5. Female lifeguards will be on poolside.


Concord Sports Centre: Tuesday 1.00pm-1.45pm, 2.00pm - 2.45pm
Heeley Pool: Friday 9.00am -0 9.45am,  12.15pm-1pm, 1pm-1.45pm | Saturday 2.30pm - 3.15pm
Ponds Forge: Monday 11am-11.45am and Wednesday 11.15am - 12.00pm


Sessions must be booked in advance. View booking terms



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Pool Information

  • Heeley Pool: Pool shallow end 0.9 metres and deep end 2 metre. Pool length is 25 yards.

Admissions Policy

Please note the guidelines and admission policy is applicable at all pools unless stated.

  • Children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult (over 16) on a one to one ratio.
  • Children between 4 and 7 must be accompanied by an adult (over 16) on a two to one ratio.
  • Children aged 8 are over can enter the pool unaccompanied.
  • At Heeley Pool boys aged 4 and under may attend our ladies only sessions (usual swim ratios apply).

Swimwear Guidelines

  • Items of clothing worn in the pool should ideally be designed for use in that particular activity. This means that anything which is deemed unsuitable and does not comply with the criteria below would not be allowed to be worn.
  • The clothing should not offend decency. This means that any items of a material which could go see through (for example boxer shorts or Bermuda shorts) would not be permitted.
  • The clothing should be made from a suitable material. This means anything which may become heavy when water is absorbed such as cotton should not be worn. Items such as this pose a danger to both the wearer and other users by restricting movement. Denim should also not be worn.
  • The clothing should be hygienic. Clothing worn for everyday use should not be worn in the pool, the items should specifically used for swimwear.
  • The clothing should be safe. Anything too baggy which may become tangled with limbs causing difficulties while swimming should not be worn.
  • The clothing should not pose a risk to the wearer or other users. Any items which do not meet the above recommendations should not be allowed in the water.
  • For religions which do not allow the wearer to reveal any of their body there are several items of clothing which have now been designed to be worn specifically by these groups, such as one piece costumes covering most of the body, arms, legs and head.
  • For wearers who wish to keep their head covered, an appropriate piece of swimwear should be used. This can be in the form of a swim cap, or other available garment which allows the user to feel comfortable, not compromise any religious beliefs and keep in line with any health & safety concerns. Items of headwear not complying with any of the other points should not be permitted to be worn in the pool.