Creating Healthy Habits is Key to Staying Active Says Sheffield City Trust

It’s that time of year again when we all make our new year’s fitness resolutions and promises but do we stick with them? Creating healthy habits is the way forward according to health and wellbeing charity Sheffield City Trust as they are sending thousands of Sheffielders a planner to assist them in their New Year mission.

The trust has created a simple exclusive tool for members to aid them in planning their exercise sessions after extensive research found that the majority of members who attend their venues regularly have one thing in common, they tend to do the same activity at the same time and same place each week.

Andrew Snelling, Chief Executive at Sheffield City Trust said: “Physical activity levels in the UK are declining mainly due to advances in technology and societal changes which have now been further impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.  

“All of our memberships benefit from the inclusion of swimming, known to be a very effective activity to improve fitness.  We are hoping that encouraging our members to try fitness classes and to form habits will help them increase their motivation and fitness levels.”  

Alongside the habit planner, Sheffield City Trust is also offering new members three months free fitness classes to help them build an exciting programme filled with variety. Existing members on a standard or concession gym and swim membership also qualify for the offer.  

Rob Womack, Health, Wellbeing and Partnerships Manager at Sheffield City Trust said: “
Getting fitter and/or losing weight are things a lot of us would love to do, but its hard work! Developing new habits takes time and effort, and we’ve got a new and exclusive tool to take the effort out of it as much as we can to help you achieve your goals.

“With our free fitness class offer, we’re helping members to choose classes that suit them and create regular healthy habits. By sticking with the same activity, same venue, and same time each week, members are able to change their behaviour more easily, establishing routines that lead to a new lifestyle that becomes the norm.” 

Adults in England should aim to take part in at least 150 minutes of minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more, according to physical activity guidelines for adults from the UK Chief Medical Officers. January is a busy time for gyms and fitness classes, but attendance tends to trail off into the year and Sheffield City Trust is hoping their new fitness planner is just the motivation Sheffielders need to keep up the hard work!

To find out more about fitness offerings and new year discounts at Sheffield City Trust click the link below.