Why Hydration Is Important For Weight Loss

We all know that drinking plenty of water is good for us but how does it help with the overall functions of the body and aid in weight loss? Read on to find out!

1. It’s aids performance in the gym

You need to drink plenty of water before, during and after a workout so that you stay hydrated and compensate for any fluid you have lost through perspiration.

Water helps muscles, joints and everything in between move freely but also helps your internal organs to perform their best when exercising.

Failing to drink enough water can not only make you feel tired but can cause muscles to cramp too.

2. It helps curb snacking

Sometimes we think we’re hungry when in fact we’re just thirsty and our brain can’t distinguish between the two. Drinking plenty of water will help to suppress your appetite by filling up the space in your stomach, so why not try drinking a glass of water before each meal to stop you from eating excessive portions or snacking between meals.

3.It helps the body’s natural processes

Every cell in our body needs water to function and without it, we can’t metabolise stored fat or carbohydrates properly. That’s why drinking plenty of water is essential to help us burn fat from our diet as well as stored fat.


4. Cold water for the win!

Try drinking cold water to give you metabolism an extra boost. The cold temperature of the water forces your body to burn a few more calories due to the extra energy needed to bring the cold water to body temperature.

5. How much water should you be drinking?

It’s recommended that you drink 2-3 litres of water every day but if you are particularly active or in a warmer climate then you will need to increase your water intake to accommodate for any additional water loss.

Easy tips to help you drink more water

  • Have a glass of chilled water beside your bed so you can reach for it first thing in the morning
  • Carry a large bottle of water around with you during the day
  • Infuse your water with natural flavourings such as mint, cucumber, lemon or other fruits
  • Freeze bottles of water over night so that your water stays cool as it defrosts throughout the day
  • Buy or create a water bottle with time markings on it to prompt you to drink throughout the day
  • Track your water intake using an app
  • Eat more foods with a higher water content such as melon, cucumber or celery


Water is not only great for your weight loss journey but it helps your brain function better, improves your skin and prevents headaches. We hope you’ve picked up some helpful information and tips to help you increase your water intake! Just start with small improvements every day and before you know it, drinking water will just become part of your routine.