Benefits Of Working Out With A Friend

We all know that there are many physical as well as mental benefits of staying active but how can we do it more regularly?

One of the best ways to get back in to your routine or to stay active in the long-term is to do it with a friend. A number of recent studies show that working out with a friend or in a group setting keeps you more motivated and makes exercise more enjoyable.

Here are a few reasons why doing it together is better:

  • Fewer skipped work outs – When you promised your friend that you’ll be in the gym for 6pm you are less likely to bail on a workout.
  • More fun – One of the key elements to forming a habit is making it fun. It’s always more enjoyable to share an experience with a friend.
  • More Competitive – Have you ever wondered if you’re fitter than your friend? Working out with a partner can bring out a competive instinct that allows you both to push your limits.
  • Learn more and try new things – Ever wanted to try a class or new piece of equipment in the gym but felt intimated by doing it by yourself? With a partner our excuses are now removed.
  • Social well-being – Social interaction often plays a very important when choosing exercise. Training with a friend gives you that social contact that often does not exist when going solo.
  • Shared goals – If your both working towards the same goal it will help you stay motivated and build more resilience. How great does it feel to achieve a goal and even better when you do it together!

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