Why Mixing Up Your Fitness Routine Gets Results

We all know that the majority of people who start a new fitness routine fail to continue beyond the 3 month mark but improving your health and fitness doesn’t mean just slogging it out on the treadmill.

It’s easy to get caught in a fitness rut, sticking to the same routing, doing the same exercises and using the same equipment but my mixing up your routine with the gym, fitness classes, swimming and other sports, you can really see some significant results!

You Get An Overall Body Workout

By having a variety of activities in your routine, you will truly be able to get a full body work out. Using weights or taking part in a strength class are excellent for improving muscle tone and focusing on key muscle groups but paired with cardio activities such as swimming, running and aerobics you will be able to find the perfect balance.

You’re Less Likely To Get Bored

Boredom is a key factor in a lack of motivation when reaching your health goals. Variety is the key to success and keeping your interest alive. Try different classes, a different piece of equipment in the gym, or go for a relaxing swim. A little bit of everything in your weekly routine will prevent you from getting stuck in a boring routine that leaves you dreading the gym and giving up too soon.

Fitness Manager, Matt says, “I see lots of customers who ask for advice on how they can stay motivated and stick to their routine. The only way to make fitness a part of your life is to enjoy it, try new things and add variety into your routine.”

You Can Avoid The Plateau And Build New Muscle

If you stick to the same routine day in day out, your body will soon adapt and you’ll no longer see results because it becomes too efficient. This is when people see a plateau in their progress and lose motivation to carry on. By taking a part in a mix of activities your body will have to work harder as it gets used to the new activity which burns more calories. You will then stimulate new muscles groups and push your body out of its comfort zone to carry on progressing.

Prevent Repetitive Injuries

When you do the same activity again and again, you’re doing repetitive motions which increase the risk of repetitive strain injury. By mixing up the types of exercise you do, you’ll work different muscle groups so that there’s less chance of straining. You can stay in shape whilst still giving your body the rest it needs.

You Can Find A New Passion

There are so many activities you can do to keep fit and healthy. You might find that you enjoy swimming or working up a sweat at the gym but try a new class or play a court sport such as Badminton and you may find a whole new fitness passion. When you join Fitness Unlimited our Fitness Advisors will guide you and suggest a range of activities so that you too can unlock your passion and make fitness fun.