Member Spotlight - Meet Roy

Roy has been a regular visitor at our venues since he took early retirement over 20 years ago after his wife persuaded him to join her in “Fit at 50” classes at Ponds Forge.

He’d always been a regular swimmer but soon realised that aerobic fitness classes made keeping fit fun!


He soon started a variety of different classes at Hillsborough Leisure Centre before finding a passion for dance based exercise.


“I put my nervousness to one side and decided to have a go. I quickly realised that this form of exercise was the absolute best and keeping fit was more fun than ever! Later I was persuaded to try Sh'bam and my exercise regime just got better and better.”

In a full week Roy now takes up to 7 classes including Pilates, Body Blast, Dance Fitness and Sh'bam.


“I'm the fittest I have been since I retired and over the years have made some great friends in the studio.”

Until quite recently Roy found himself to be the only male in most classes but he hasn’t found it to be a problem. He always feels welcome and hopes to encourage more men to attend classes in the future.


“If I have one regret, it’s that I haven’t been unable to persuade more men to come to fitness classes. They are SUCH good exercise and so much less boring that the gym!”


Have you tried one of our fitness classes yet? With over 500 classes a week across Sheffield, there’s bound to be one that you’ll love!

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