Member Spotlight - Meet Ann

Ann originally joined us the GP Exercise Referral scheme and has gone from strength to strength since her journey began. She was keen to lose weight as she believed this would help her with some pain in her knew which was due to Osteo-Arthritis.

It had a huge effect on her mobility to the point where she was due to have a knee replacement however, Ann decided to postpone it.

“I decided to see if getting fitter and losing weight would have an impact on my health and mobility before considering surgery again” said Ann.

She was referred to Lynn, a GP Exercise referral specialist at Hillsborough Leisure Centre who took some measurements and discussed a variety of options with her.

“When I met Lynne I was made completely at ease. She introduced me to the twice weekly Silver Circuit class which I settled into quickly. I have started using more equipment in the gym after consultation with Lynne and other instructors so I’m much more confident now.”

Ann has also incorporated swimming into her routine, a great exercise for those with joint pain, and visits the pool at least once a week.

A year on, Ann has seen the transformation in her fitness, weight and mobility.

“The benefits I have received from my diet and the exercise programme have been amazing I have currently lost 52 lbs I am now able to walk without pain in my left knee, I feel much fitter and I have increased my social life making lots of new friends. “

As part of SIV, the Health and Wellbeing Charity, it’s our aim to get everyone in Sheffield active and living a healthy lifestyle no matter your age or ability.

Our GP Exercise Referral scheme caters for a range of medical conditions so if you or someone you know could benefit from regular exercise with a specialist.

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