Leisure Time - How To Get Involved

Leisure Time is an easy going, friendly and open environment where you can stay active and meet new people.

You can take part in activities including badminton, boccia, cricket, table tennis and football and jump around on our bouncy castle. Leisure Time is suitable for adults with a mild to more severe learning and or physical disability.

Here's Grace who has been coming to Leisute Time since 1999, that's a fantastic 22 years, to share her experience of Leisure Time!

Things I enjoy most about Leisure Time

The most important thing for me is the bouncy castle for adults. I've done a lot to help raise awareness around why this kind of play is essential for certain people; eg with development & sensory needs. Although it's becoming more recognized today & there are more play places becoming inclusive for adults, Leisure Time was one of the first & I'm glad i've been able to contribute to keeping it that way. Also, some of us need the sheltered non mainstream environment.

I also love playing games with the friends I make in a fun & supportive environment, where the focus is on kindness & inclusivity, movement & developing skills in enjoyable ways. This is the opposite of some mainstream sports, (where there's much negativity about mistakes & not winning, impacting on mental health) Therefore, Leisure Time is a good model of how things could be done.

It's therapeutic being in a place where I'm able to move much more freely, as because of my disabilities, Autism ADHD & DCD (dyspraxia, spatial awareness/proprioception issues) as getting around some places can be really stressful, frustrating and hard work.

How to get Involved

Contact Charlotte Rogerson to find out more.

 Charlotte Rogerson