How To Create The Perfect Work From Home Space

With many of us now working from home, it may be worth looking at your working from home set up and where you can make improvements to be as productive as possible and create a nice space to work.

You may already have a home office, or you may be improvising within other areas of your home. Whatever your situation, here’s our top tips to create the perfect space to maintain productivity. 

Tidy your space 

First things first, tidy the area you intend to work in. You want to remove as many distractions as possible and, as they say, ‘tidy house, tidy mind’. It may be a cliché but clearing the clutter and cleaning the area you want to work in will make all the difference. 

Have everything to hand 

On the subject of no distractions, you’ll need to have everything to hand so that you can get on with your day without disruptions. Make sure you have a notepad, pen, a bottle of water and anything else you need to get on with your work seamlessly. Some healthy snacks would be a good idea too! 

Comfortable and supported seating 

When working in a desk job, it’s important that you’ve factored in the ergonomics of your desk set up. Make sure you’re sitting at the right height and your monitor is at eye level. Keep an eye on your posture too, try not to hunch over a laptop and if you don’t have a specific office chair, make sure you’re comfortable and supported to prevent any back problems further down the line. 

Good lighting 

To prevent any eye strain, make sure you have plenty of light in your workspace. Natural light is best and will lift your mood if the sun is shining but failing that, artificial light will do the trick providing it’s nice and bright. 

Plan your day 

To keep some normality, create yourself a schedule for your working day and include some movement too where possible. If you can, schedule in a call or video chat with a colleague to go over any projects you’re working on or just have a catch up over your morning coffee. 

Remove any distractions 

It can be easy to get distracted when you’re in your own surroundings so avoid things like switching on the tv. It may seem like a good idea but you’ll soon find your eyes drawn to the tv screen and before you know it, you’ve been watching daytime tv for an hou

Create the mood 

Make the most of working from home and create an atmosphere that you enjoy. Play your favourite productive playlist (classical music is particularly proven to increase productivity) and light a candle to fill your space with a calming fragrance.