7 Fitness Motivation Tips

For long term success you need dedication, consistency and a clear vision of your goals at all times. Here’s our 7 steps to success for when you need a motivation boost!

Plan your exercises in advance

To make fitness a priority in your life you need to make appointments in your diary for exercise just like you would for a doctor’s appointment or a meeting at work. Book in for your fitness classes in advance or arrange to meet a friend in the gym and really prioritise these occasions. That way you’re making yourself accountable and much more likely to turn up.

Focus on what you love

This goes for absolutely everything. If you don’t love what you’re eating or hate your routine at the gym, you’re just not going to commit to making it part of your life. Try lots of different fitness classes, find an activity you love and experiment with lots of healthy foods to see what you like the most. Many classes or gyms offer free day passes which are perfect to try before you buy.

Reward yourself

Commit to your routine when you’ve set it and reward yourself for reaching little milestones along the way. If your goal is to visit the gym three times a week and you’ve hit your target for that month, give yourself a pat on the back! Book yourself in for a massage or even treat yourself to some new active wear. At the same time, don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the band wagon and miss a workout, just pick yourself up and reset for the next session. Don’t dwell on it and let a bad day turn into bad week.

Make small steps to progress

We’re sorry to say there’s no secret recipe. Consistency truly is the key to achieving your goals. Small changes, every day will all add up and, given enough time, big changes will happen! All you need to do if you’re feeling unmotivated to go to the gym just promise yourself a 10 minute warm up and chances are you’ll want to carry on once you’ve got there and started. So, just stick at it and you will reap the rewards later.

Visualise your goals

Take progress pictures and think about reaching your goal every day. When you visualise how you will look and feel when you’ve reached your goal, you should get an extra boost of motivation. You can even start a diary to document your journey if it helps!

Get into a routine

Make time in your lifestyle for fitness activities and don’t make excuses. The more often you make healthy choices in your diet and exercise, the sooner it will become a habit and just another part of your lifestyle.

Have fun!

Finally, when all is said and done, you need to have fun! Try new things, mix up your routine and you might even make some new friends along the way too. After the initial changes to your lifestyle at the beginning you’ll soon start to feel healthier, have a clearer mind and have so much energy that you’ll never want to go back!